All about the wallpaper

I must admit that about 90% of the time I take photos, I take them with the thought in mind of what would look best as my MacBook Pro, iPhone, & iPad’s wallpapers. This means I often shoot with a very narrow depth a field, and with the aim of lovely creamy backdrops to the limited objects in focus.





I’ll post a few more that are my favorites in a day or two. I like a good amount of color in my wallpapers, but nothing too busy.

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Tea Time, Bitches!

I, admittedly, have a tea problem. As in I love it, from tea to tea ware! I also enjoy photographing my tea and gear! So tea stuffs for your viewing pleasure!





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Wedding continued

*Ok so WordPress app and I are battling out an issue of the photos posting properly. There’s one missing – apparently it’s a file type that’s not permitted…? There are limited file types I have, especially coming from the photos I have loaded onto my iPhone… But yeah, the photos may change again at some point.

The wedding took place in San Diego, and we took wedding party photos before the ceremony at the hotel. After that the ceremony and reception were held on a yacht that cruised around the bay. It was a beautiful setting to have the wedding in, but a mad challenge for this photog. There was very limited space for me to work in during the ceremony – I was practically sitting in guests’ laps in order to getting shots, because there was nowhere for me to shoot from that wasn’t in the middle of it all. By the end of the night I was convinced every photo was a fail and that I would NEVER shoot another wedding.




I literally took about four days before I could bring myself to look at the photos at all with any semblance of objectivity. Even with some distance from the event, I’m not sure I would ever tackle another wedding shoot, particularly solo.

(BTW, my mom was supposed to help me with gear, etc…. yeah that so didn’t happen, I was literally doing it on my own. Can we say “in over my head”?).

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My First Wedding…

So my niece’s mom got married this summer, and they asked me if I would be willing to be the photographer. I agreed as long as they understood that I was a total wedding photog n00b, and that I couldn’t guarantee a single picture would be usable!

We managed, though I had to do more editing than I would have liked. I was battling a full on sunny, mid-afternoon sun for the photos, and then glaring sunset for the ceremony itself.





This was one of the most stressful things I have done in a loooong time! It was terrifying! Coordinating people and keeping us on a time table was a nightmare. Plus I ended up having the entire wedding party and then some following us around before the ceremony as I did photos. Intimidating as hell!!!! I was sweating in more ways than one! I’ll post a few more of the wedding photos in another post.

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Because I haven’t updated in… Too long!

A friend was asking about this blog to show someone else and I realized that it has been so long since I’ve updated, I reeeaaaally had to think about my login info! And then I looked and thought WOW those photos are pretty old…

So here is some new(er) stuff, and more to follow.

My niece when she was 9 last Christmas:

PNTX1788 - Version 2.jpg



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New gear and new editing

     Yesterday I decided to break in my new camera/laptop backpack I, uh, bought myself for christmas, lol! I went out walking on some of the trails back behind my apartment toward the end of the day. The trail I walked Read the rest of this entry »

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Christmas… Arizona style

     Naturally as I was in Phoenix visiting family, I had to take a bunch of photos of my niece. And of course she resisted this. So I bribed her… of course. Read the rest of this entry »

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